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Today marks 2 years of my doing “one thing a day” on Github.

contribution graph

I’ve got work to do today, but I wanted to blog first, so today appears empty

I posted about last year, and now I’m posting about this year! I’m not going to do monthly graphs or anything this time around, but I’ll talk about a bunch of projects that I worked on. I’ll split it between my own projects, and other projects. Here are my projects (or projects I’m affiliated with):

Here are projects started by others:

There was also a pretty big life change: I started working as a contractor from home around August of last year. I’ve been able to contribute to open source more often than before as a result. Also, instead of keeping small improvements to myself (or moving on, in case of doc fixes), I started suggesting them upstream. There was a time or two where it wasn’t well-received (or in the case of one of my outstanding PRs, not received at all!), but overall, people seem to appreciate those small kinds of fixes :D.

Another thing that happened was I got a Tessel! I waited through something like 8 months of delays to finally get it, and I made a small temperature monitor for my apartment. Then I found out it had a few issues. Nothing I couldn’t work around, but overall it was really fun to work with. I may be picking up another one to make an automatic dog feeder, too!

I also started making a board game (called Castle Carnage)! After doing that for a while, I wanted to make it easier and better for everyone, so I started working on deck.zone. As a result, I published a handful of ng2 components that I made for deck.zone.

Lots of fun stuff. Looking forward to another year of open source, but I might let gaps in my timeline next time. Then again, habits are pretty hard to break.

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