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So, today marks my 365th day of GitHub contributions. I started last year on June 25th, and today is June 24th. I’d like to talk about what I did, and why I did it. Maybe some tidbits about discipline, too.

In case you’re wondering what this looks like (you can check my profile, also), it looks something like this:

Maybe you’re wondering what it sounds like (bear with me), you can check this neat app out.

Without further ado, lets dig in! I’m going to try to keep each description as short as possible, and repeat as little as necessary, since this will probably get long. I’m also going to leave out all of my closed-source contributions.

This was the month I debuted IdleLands. It wasn’t very well received, but that was no reason for me to stop working on it.

Once again, IdleLands dominates the chart. Nothing too special happened this month, though.

This month we see some new trends. First, the rise of idle.land. This was the month that I debuted the website. Of course, reddit crashed it in a heartbeat (boy, that was an experience), but this time, IdleLands was received more positively. How reddit works is a mystery to us all.

I also contributed to two new projects! One I started, and one I didn’t.

Another busy month, and a few new projects! There’s a trend here…

Now, this month was a very diverse month! This was the month I introduced WebFE to the players of reddit. It was probably also the largest update, content-wise, in the history of the game. Strangely, not very well received. Reddit is fickle!

The month that ends the year. It was a busy time for all, myself included. Only one new thing this month:

Happy new year! New beginnings, blah blah blah. IdleLands was having major performance issues, so I was considering rewriting it in Go. Turns out, I don’t really like Go.

Anyway, this month was another update for IdleLands – sort of a new year celebration. People liked it again, and it was cool. It was my first time publishing Doks, too, and having people use it for realsies.

The shortest month of the year, and I bet you must be getting sick of seeing IdleLands dominate the charts again. Give it a month, it’ll fall down a bit. Overall, just a lot of same-old same-old. One new thing, though:

This is the month that was pretty heart-wrenching. I decided to stop working on IdleLands as feverishly as I was before. It was the beginning of the low-contribution block on my calendar, and the end of an era. </drama>

But seriously, this month was a pretty cool month, too. I started learning to use Ionic, and started a cool project (Reactive Retro).

Another great month – lots of new projects! I started a small project and finished it in a few weeks (at this point, I was still recovering from burnout from IdleLands) as well as contributed to a handful more projects!

Not much new this month. I finished up c for real, posted it, and it was pretty well recieved! Some other new things came up this month, too. Plus, I got to suffer through learning how to use OAuth. #oneofus

I also went to Paris this month for a week (and got engaged). It’s tough to be a developer and a tourist.

This month has been the busiest month of them all. A few new projects appeared and I was spread out quite a bit on these projects – 16 projects total this month, I worked on! Couple that with the steam summer sale, beating Dishonored+DLC, and playing a few other games, it’s safe to say this was a jam-packed month. Not only did I set up this blog, port my old gists to it, and redo my website/DNS, but I also found some time to make some cool new stuff and contribute to some projects!

I’m sure there will be a few more commits for me trying to figure out how to post this, too.

Data Notes

Unfortunately, also, this doesn’t include issues opened or closed, sadly, but IdleLands (the biggest project by far) got 467 issues from me. I probably opened issues on at least 50 repos in the last year, and I’d wager about half of them got resolved. I’m hoping GitHub adds support for retrieving all of this information in a nice way – I’d really like to get my hands on that data!

Discipline / Motivation

By around december, I realized that my GitHub streak was pretty nuts. I joked that if I kept going, I’d hit a year in no time. I got a bit farther and realized that, hey, why not, lets shoot for a year of GitHub – that’ll be something interesting to talk about. Then, I hit burnout (just look at the block of pale green) and it was pretty difficult to keep going. However, I am also in the mindset of having no “zero days” – days where you do nothing to work towards goals, dreams, etc. It took a lot of discipline and motivation to make it this far, and it’s going to take way more going forward, but I’m up for the challenge. Discipline keeps me doing something every day, and motivation keeps me interested in my projects.

That said, keeping at things like this is pretty difficult to balance with a social life, a now-fiancee (hi Rachel!), full time work, and occasionally visiting family. I gotta hand it to everyone that I know, though, the support I get from them helps a ton – lots of positivity is a good thing.

So, the tl;dr here: good life balance and lots of discipline with a sprinkle of motivation

Next goal: 2 years. @jdalton is getting pretty close, I wonder how he does it.

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